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Welcome to our brewery restaurant at Hey Lou Frankfurt Airport. We serve the very best of German brewery cuisine, regional specialties, and international classics. We also offer small snacks if you’re just feeling peckish. Enjoy some relaxation time in our bar and make the most of our friendly service team. Our brewery restaurant team is there for you every day from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Vorspeisen Icon


Soup of the day 8,90 EUR
Regionale Speisen

Regional dishes

Handkäse mit Musik
(lactose free) (Hand cheese / special Regional chesse / with dressing / onion / farmhouse bread / caraway / butter) (A,B,C,H)
11,90 EUR
Curry beef sausage 14,90 EUR
Please choose one of the following side dishes:
French fries / Country Steak Wedges / potato salad
Vegetarisch / Vegan Icon


Small seasonal salad
(with balsamic dressing or ceasar dressing) (A,B,C,H,I,L,E224)
6,50 EUR
Caesar Salat
(Romaine lettuce / chicken breast / parmesan / tomato /honey bacon / croutons) (A,B,C,D,G,H)
19,90 EUR
Salat Bowl oft The Season
16,50 EUR
Choose your dressing:
Balsamic Dressing, Yogurt Dressing, Ceasar Dressing, Vegan French Dressing
On request with:
Baked feta Cheese 6,50 EUR
Mozarella and tomato 6,50 EUR
Vegan crispy Prawns 8,50 EUR
Roasted Chicken 8,50 EUR
Regionale Speisen

Tarte flmabée

Tarte flmabée / Alsatian style
(with bacon and onions) (A,B)
14,90 EUR
Tarte flambée with grilled chicken breast
(BBQ sour cream, tomatoes and chesse) (A,B)
16,90 EUR
Vegetarian tarte flambé
(with tomato-mozzarella and arugula) (A,B)
15,90 EUR
Vegetarisch / Vegan Icon

Vegetarian / Vegan

Chrispy Vegan burger
(with / lettuce / tomato / cucumber / Vegan Dressing) (A,B)
23,50 EUR
Vegan / Lactose free
Tortelloni stuffed with carrots / zucchini / bell pepper
(sunflower seeds / tomato – basil sauce) (A,E,F,G)
22,50 EUR
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Main courses

  Schnitzel Viennese Style
(pork) (A,B,C,D)
21,50 EUR
  Poultry schnitzel
21,50 EUR
  Please choose one of the following side dishes:
French fries / Country Steak Wedges / potato salad
  Gratinated with tomatoes and cheese
4,90 EUR
  Mushroom cream sauce
4,90 EUR
  Creamy pepper sauce
4,90 EUR
  Brewery – dark beer sauche
4,90 EUR
  Rumpsteak 200g
(Rump steak / whiskey onions / herbal butter / fried potatoes) (B,G,H,I)
38,90 EUR
  Wasser Craft Burger
(Beef patty / BBQ-malt mayonnaise / cheddar cheese / pickles / onion / tomato / cucumber / salad) (E385,A,B,C,D,H,6)
21,90 EUR
  Chicken Burger
(Chicken breast / caesar sauce / dried tomatoes) (A,B,C,D,I,F,G,H)
21,90 EUR
  Please choose one of the following side dishes:
French fries / Country Steak Wedges

Sweets / Dessert

Chocolate soufflé
(with liquid core and vanilla sauce) (A,B,C,D,F)
9,90 EUR
Tartufo ice Cream 12,90 EUR
Softgetränke Icon

Soft drinks

Coca Cola 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Coca Cola Zero 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Fanta 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Sprite 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Schweppes Tonic Water 0,2l 4,50 EUR
Schweppes Bitter Lemon 0,2l 4,50 EUR
Schweppes Wild Berry 0,2l 4,50 EUR
Vio Bio Limo Orange 0,5l 6,50 EUR
Vio Bio Limo Zitrone 0,5l 6,50 EUR
Red Bull 0,25l 5,90 EUR
Granini Johannisbeer 0,2l 3,90 EUR
Granini Orange 0,2l 3,90 EUR
Granini Apfel 0,2l 3,90 EUR
Granini Maracuja 0,2l 3,90 EUR
Granini Rabarbar 0,2l 3,90 EUR
Johannisbeerschorle 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Maracujaschorle 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Rabarberschorle 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Apfelschorle 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Orangenschorle 0,33l 4,50 EUR
Vio still 0,25l
3,90 EUR
7,50 EUR
Vio medium 0,25l
3,90 EUR
7,50 EUR
Biere Icons


Changing craft beer assortment
We proudly recommend our Braumeister´s monthly specialty. Our service team will assist you if you need further information.
Bavarian Wheat Beer
(Top-fermented, fruity, naturally cloudy)
4,90 EUR
6,20 EUR
German Lager
(Bottom-fermented full beer, gentle bitterness)
4,90 EUR
6,20 EUR
(Mixed beer drink with lemonade)
4,90 EUR
6,20 EUR
German Brown Ale
(Top-fermented full-bodied beer, refreshing, strong malt and hop note)
4,90 EUR
6,20 EUR
Beer board, 4 different types of beer 0,2l 13,90 EUR
Non-alcoholic beers
König Ludwig, Hefeweizen 0,5l 5,50 EUR
Warsteiner non-alcoholic 0,33l 4,90 EUR
Spirituosen Icon


Tequila Silver 2cl 5,50 EUR
Tequila Gold 2cl 5,50 EUR
Bombay / Tenqueray 2cl 4,50 EUR
Hendrick’s (Schottland) 2cl 4,50 EUR
Moskovskya 2cl 4,50 EUR
Bacardi (Cuba) 2cl 4,50 EUR
Havanna Club 3 Anos (Cuba) 2cl 6,00 EUR
Jack Daniels 2cl 4,50 EUR
Tullamore Dew 2cl 6,50 EUR
Jameson Irisih Whiskey 2cl 6,50 EUR
Johnnie Walker 2cl 4,50 EUR
Aperol 2cl 4,50 EUR
Lillet 2cl 4,50 EUR
Ramazotti 2cl 4,50 EUR
The perfect nightcap
Williams 2cl 4,50 EUR
Obstler 2cl 4,50 EUR
Himbeergeist 2cl 4,50 EUR
Grappa 2cl 4,50 EUR
Weine Icon

apple cider

Apfelwein Hochstädter
(Sweet, Sour)
3,00 EUR
4,80 EUR
2er BEMBEL 1,0l 8,60 EUR
4er BEMBEL 2,0l 16,20 EUR
6er BEMBEL 3,0l 23,60 EUR
8er BEMBEL 4,0l 31,40 EUR
Mischgetränke Icon

Mixed beverages

Vodka Redbull 9,90 EUR
Vodka Lemon 9,90 EUR
Wild Berry Lillet 9,90 EUR
Aperol Spritz 9,90 EUR
Rum Cola 9,90 EUR
Gin Tonic
(Bombay Sapphire / Tanqueray London)
9,90 EUR
Gin Tonic
11,90 EUR
Whisky Cola
(Jack Daniels / Johnie Walker)
9,90 EUR
Whisky Cola
(Tullamore Dew / Jameson Irish Whisky)
11,90 EUR
Kaffe & Heißgetränke Icon

Coffee & Hot beverages

Coffee cream 3,90 EUR
Espresso 2,90 EUR
Espresso Dopio 3,90 EUR
Milk coffee 4,60 EUR
Cappuccino 4,60 EUR
Latte Macciato 4,90 EUR
Hot Chocolate 3,90 EUR
Tea (different varieties) 3,90 EUR

Labelling numbers for additives and allergens subject to labelling 1: with preservative, 2: with colourant, 3: with antioxidant, 4: with flavour enhancer, 5: with phosphate, 6: with taurine, 7: with sweetener(s), 8: contains a source of phenylalanine, 9: Sugar alcohols – may have a laxative effect if consumed in excess, 10: sulphurised, 11: blackened with iron salts, 12: waxed, 13: contains caffeine, 14: contains quinine, 15: E414, 16: E445, 17: E340, 18: E341, 19: E466, 20: E471, 21: E300, 22: E450 – A contains eggs, B contains milk (including lactose), C contains gluten. C contains cereals containing gluten, D contains peanuts, E contains nuts, F contains sesame seeds, G contains soya, H contains celery, I contains mustard, J contains fish, K contains crustaceans, L contains molluscs, mollusc products, molluscs M contains lupine, N contains sulphur dioxide/sulphites. Please note that the products on offer may contain traces of allergenic ingredients (e.g. sesame and other nuts) and that cross-contamination cannot be ruled out despite all due care. For detailed information on individual products on the bar menu, please contact our team. Allergens and ingredients can be viewed on a separate card from the team. All prices in € (EUR) including VAT and service.